Picture: Dutch Masters at museum Düsseldorf

Dutch Masters at museum Düsseldorf

Bling Bling Baby! Our Dutch Masters Digital Wallcoverings at the entrance hall of the exhibition in NRW-Forum museum in Düsseldorf! This digital is designed by interior print designer Katarina Stupavska! They also used this print for the book about the exhibition! Click here for more information about NRW-Forum.

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Picture: Van Gogh cafe Korea

Van Gogh cafe Korea

Amazing Van Gogh cafe in Korea with our Digital print from the famous Almond blossom of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Check here their website.

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Picture: No Limits at Italian Kitchen

No Limits at Italian Kitchen

Our Italian distributor of No Limits Wallprints, Parati Lanterni,
send us the picture of an italian client who used the Statue of Liberty print for his kitchen. What a perfect result.

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Picture: Anything goes with No Limits

Anything goes with No Limits

The bustling excitement of New York City, the soothing warmth of Asia, picturesque landscapes of the Low Countries, or specially designed graphics for a teenager’s room. The new collection of digital photo wallcoverings from BN Wallcoverings lets you give your home the kind of atmosphere you want. Or have your own photo or image printed as a wallprint. Anything goes with No Limits.

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