Dive into the jungle and go searching for wild animals. Climb trees, count stars, fly into space and dream. Make friends with dogs and rabbits. Whatever story you want, you’ll find it with #smalltalk. #smalltalk nurtures creativity and turns every nursery into a room full of discovery. Cute and contemporary? Or rough and tumble? With #smalltalk it’s easy to combine pictures, patterns and matching plains, and children will have the space they dream of.
Imagine what your wall can be.

Atelier is about saturated, rich yellows, oranges and greens. Designs are diaphanous and illusory. Discover an oasis hidden within the concrete walls of a city; a luxurious, secret space filled with lush blooms and foliage. Handpainted flowers and dip-dye effects will cover your walls with Atelier.

The Coole Dudes series gives guys a choice of race cars, football pictures or cool graffiti to put on their wall.

The girls can pick from cute graphics using perfume bottles or shoes, pictures of animals, and various pretty prints.

Bernardo and Tomas Medina – The images shot by this father and son who live in Houston, Texas are noted for the warm emotions they evoke. For the No Limits collection, they went to Asia where they took pictures of places with their own unique feeling.

When Rens Plaschek arrived in New York City in 1978, it was love at first sight.

Since then, he has photographed both the well-known and less familiar faces of the city. In 2008, he published his book, NY & I.

For the No Limits collection, he selected pictures showing the unmistakable look and feel of the bustling Big Apple.

Dutch photographer Wilco Dragt is known for images that evoke tranquillity. Dragt gets much of his inspiration from locations in his own country but also takes pictures elsewhere. His serene landscapes make perfect visual material for mural-sized prints.

Picture: Lef


Tough and colorful wallpapers for teenagers who dare to be different! Show your identity and style in your new room. Give your room a street look with urban American-style prints. Choose one of the digital prints, with real Vespas, camper vans and cool bikes. So create your own atmosphere with Lef!

A selection of photographs and designs that will be replenished. Cool photo wallpaper by our BN Design Studio.

Check out our new collection of designer Edward van Vliet. Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet is, with its distinctive, innovative and unconventional designs, a typical representative of Dutch Design.

This collection is inspired by the traditional way of life of the nomads. In this collection designs and colours can be mixed again! Subtle gradients and blend effects give a special touch to this wallpaper.

The collection of Van Gogh was inspired by the famous works of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). In association with: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

A selection of photographs and designs that will be replenished. Lovely Wallprints made by several Interior Designers.

The Digital Wallcoverings are designed by a Dutch Master from the 21st century; interior and fashion print designer Katarina Stupavska. Katarina: ‘My fascination for creating prints is that they can tell a story. For every emotion, any goal, there is a print to be created.’ Make your wall a masterpiece with our Dutch Masters!

Rivièra Maison is a leading interior design brand with a strong perception, a ‘way of life’, where enjoyment is important. The extensive range of furniture and accessories is designed entirely in-house. All products are unique, because they are handmade in authentic studios around the world. Rivièra Maison: Home is where you can be you.

Picture: ART


Here is a selection of paintings from the famous Dutch museums special made for your wall. A selection of paintings and designs that will be replenished.

Soft to touch and soft on the eye, these wallpapers from our Sweet Dreams collection. Smooth and natural textures are covered with sweet designs. This dreamy, feminine collection is relaxing and cosy and enlives the neutral and calm scene. In this collection you find charming delicate flower patterns in soft powdery tones. Sweet Dreams makes your dreams come true.

The see-trough designs and painted layers add creativity and a feminine touch to your room. This collection embraces romantic interior design within a pastel color palette. Glassy: Painted with emotion, created with craftsmanship.